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What to Look for in an Outsourced Check Printing and Mailing Company

If manually writing checks is becoming too much of a hassle for your business, maybe it’s time to consider outsourced check printing and mailing. These services can help you save time, reduce overhead costs, and increase the security of your payments. However, you’ll need to find the right service provider to get started with outsourced check printing and mailing.

SmartPayables provides a wide range of companies with reliable, high-security check printing and mailing services that make sending payments straightforward. Whether you need to set up recurring check payments or send a bulk dispatch to thousands of individuals at once, SmartPayables can make the process of sending payments simple for your business executives and accounting team.

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Not sure what to look for when searching for an outsourced check printing and mailing company? We’ve made a list of the factors that set our services apart from the competition.

Custom Check Templates

Customizable check templates ensure your business’s professionalism is featured in every payment you send. Uploading logos and other custom imagery lets you choose the watermark and check stock colors and other visual elements before you send your first payment. Personal notes, marketing text or imagery, and envelope branding are other features to consider adding to your checks to put your brand on display.

Easy Setup for Repeating Payments

You should consider outsourcing your check printing if sending repeat payments each month is too much of a hassle. You can easily set up recurring payments with an outsourced printing partner by sharing the payee’s information via a custom API key or secure CSV file.

Check printing services for recurring payments can be particularly handy for businesses that send money to third-party vendors and service providers outside their organization. Keep in mind that, for security reasons, your outsourced check printing company should never save payee information unless you plan to send that payee money in the future.

Dependable Bulk Dispatch Services

Outsourcing your check printing and document mailing allows you to send bulk dispatch payments without the headache of writing out every check by hand. If your current accounts payable professionals are spending too much time on these types of payments, it’s time to consider an outsourced check-writing solution. If you outsource, bulk dispatch payments become as easy to execute as uploading payee information through your business’s check printing software or API-enabled accounts.

API Integrations for Check-Making Software

Custom check printing API keys link your company’s current enterprise software or CRMs with your outsourced service provider’s systems. The connection between your systems and the servicing company’s internal network is highly secure, allowing you to share payee information without worrying about data security. Your check printing and document mailing partner should have a team of developers on staff to assist your company throughout the entire setup process.

At SmartPayables, we integrate our systems directly into Quickbooks, saving clients a lot of time. Quickbooks online check printing is convenient, though SmartPayables also offers custom API solutions for other enterprise software.

Alternatively, many outsourced check printing companies (SmartPayables included) can accept requests through CSV files, though they don’t offer the same security options as custom API integrations.

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Flexible Mailing Options

The best check printing companies offer a range of mailing options that ensure your check payments reach the payee as quickly as possible. Same-day printing and mailing requests – with the assistance of services such as FedEx and UPS – deliver checks to the intended recipient within 48 hours. The less time your checks spend in the mail, the more secure they’ll be. In the event that something happens between mailing and receipt, your outsourced printing and mailing service provider will help you track down what happened and void the payment.

Address Cleansing

When you’re sending sensitive information via mail, you don’t want to take any chances. Outsourced check printing and mailing service providers help you avoid the hassles that come with discrepancies in payee data with an included address cleansing service. Corrections can be applied automatically, so you can worry less about the security of your payments. If your input is needed for a particular payment, you’ll receive a notification through your check printing software. If you’re using an API, you’ll receive a notification from your current enterprise systems.

High-Security Printing Practices

The security of your check payments depends upon the quality of the stock and the security features that it includes. Fourdrinier watermarks, thermochromic ink, and microprinting are all must-have features. Chemical sensitivity and chemical wash detection boxes help ensure that your checks cannot be washed or altered.

Sequenced inventory control numbers help you track a check in the event that it doesn’t reach the payee on time. Laid lines and visible fibers help improve the check stock’s security. If your outsourced check printing and mailing partner isn’t using all of the above features, you may want to consider finding a new service provider for your business’s payments.

Reliable Customer Support

Reliable, easy-to-access client support services are a must-have feature when working with an outsourcing organization. Transparency and open communication ensure you get what you need from your check printing and mailing partner without having to ask for anything more than once.

Automation That Saves Both Time and Money

The key benefit of working with a check printing and mailing company like SmartPayables is the ability to save both time and money. Your accounts payable department doesn’t need to waste any more time manually writing checks. You don’t need to worry about the security of your payments and whether they’ll reach the payee on time. As a business owner or executive, you’ll have more time to focus on what matters for the future of your business instead of getting caught up in the logistical details of your payments.

SmartPayables Is Here for Your Outsourced Check Printing and Mailing Needs

Outsourced check printing and mailing services can help your business increase the efficiency of all its check payments and ensure you and your employees never worry about sending checks manually again. If you’re looking for the most reliable, high-security solutions for your check payments, contact SmartPayables today.

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Founded in 2005, Smart Payables offers a full range of accounts payable payment solutions including outsourced check printing and mailing, document and statement printing and mailing, ACH direct deposits + more. Our highly experienced software developers and intelligent printing teams specialize in secure, enterprise-grade payment options that are HIPAA, SOC 1 Type 2, and ISO compliant. Our mission is to help businesses and large organizations implement secure, innovative technology that will reduce overhead and improve business operations and capabilities.

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