How To Print Checks With Quickbooks Online

Since SmartPayables and Quickbooks online checks joined forces, processing, printing checks online, and mailing checks has never been easier.

Using the SmartPayables Quickbooks Online Integration, businesses can save time and money by trusting experts in the industry with their check printing and mailing needs. In this blog, we aim to arm you with all the information you need to optimize your checking process using industry statistics, helpful instructions, and weighing the pros and cons of using Quickbooks Online for your business.

Are Checks Even Relevant Anymore?

Many may perceive checks to be outdated, but the fact is that checks still play a vital role in today’s business world. Each year, billions of checks worth trillions of dollars are still printed and issued in the United States.

According to Forbes Business, although check usage has decreased significantly since the mid-2000s, physical checks accounted for 42% of business-to-business transactions in 2019 despite the explosion of digital options. Checks aren’t going anywhere in business anytime soon, and with simple online check printing options, demand for outsourced check printing services is at an all-time high.

With a user-friendly interface and easy instructions, our new QuickBooks app provides peace of mind that your check printing and mailing services will run smoothly on our watch. Both paper printing and digital payment options become available in one central location.

The SmartPayables Client Portal allows you to:

  • Send payments to vendors
  • Pay bills easily
  • Track all payments
  • Streamline bookkeeping processes
  • Send and receive checks and ACH payments
  • And more

How Smart Payables Quickbooks Online Work?

Our goal is to make check printing and process simple — and that’s exactly what our QuickBooks check printing software does. It’s as simple as downloading the app to your phone and following a few easy steps. SmartPayables integrated our services with Quickbooks Online to make addressing your paper and digital check needs even easier from your back pocket.

With one location for all your services, check printing services and payment processes become more efficient and save you valuable time that you can allocate to other pressing functions of your business.

How to set up check printing in Quickbooks:

  1. Download the Quickbooks Online app to your smartphone or tablet
  2. Set up your account (you will be redirected to our SmartPayables website, where you can securely complete your account setup and verify your bank account)
  3. Import your checks
  4. Auto-sync your data

Now you can print paychecks in Quickbooks online. Our Quickbooks app puts all your payment processes at the press of a button. Track your payments, authorize checks, and enjoy a boosted level of security in migrating your payments to a digital app.

What Are The Benefits Of Using The Smart Payables Quickbooks Online App?

Combining the expertise of the outsourced check printing process with an easy-to-use app on the phone or tablet arms your business with all the necessary tools to quickly and efficiently handle your check printing, paying, and mailing needs.

Not only will trusting the SmartPayables experts to handle your needs relieve you of stress, but it will also save you time, cut down on your paperwork load, and streamline your check printing and processing needs so you can focus on other essential business operations.

Using our Smart Payables Quickbooks Online app allows you to:

  • Improve your operational efficiencies by printing and mailing checks with just a few clicks.
  • Pay all your vendors, contractors, and bills from one easy-to-use app.
  • Eliminating paper use and risks that go along with them.
  • Effortlessly track and manage all your payments.
  • Take advantage of advanced security features.
  • Integrate multiple bank accounts for all your payment and printing needs.
  • Get overnight delivery and all the same printing and mailing advantages you’ve enjoyed with Smart Payables.
  • Automatically reconcile payments.
  • Enjoy an integrated approval system that lets you securely approve and sign checks from anywhere.

What Are The Benefits of Outsourcing Check Printing & Mailing Services To Experts?

The most common reason businesses outsource their check printing and mailing services is access to expertise. Developing a payment processing system in-house can be complicated, as it involves several moving parts, and potential errors or complications can quickly appear.
At Smart Payables, we handle every aspect of the process for you with constant support and monitoring so you know your important payment operations run as smoothly as possible.

Critical infrastructure components, like industrial printers, specialized checks, security features, digital systems, and now our SmartPayables Quickbooks Online app, are already in place. This will end up saving you time and stress from having to develop them in-house. Choosing SmartPayables as an outsourced partner will also save you money; you won’t need to worry about hiring a payment processing expert for your company.

When considering using outsourced options like SmartPayables, questions to consider include:

  • How much time am I spending managing payment processing on my own?
  • Are there any components of the payment processing system that can be improved or that I am unable to manage on my own?
  • Are resources being efficiently utilized and distributed in the status quo?
  • Can outsourced payment processing help my business grow?

Using customizable and scalable options from SmartPayables or the Quickbooks Online app, our experts can answer these questions promptly and tailor a solution to your specific needs. You’ll find this process swift and simple compared to taking company or personal time to find solutions yourself.

According to the Washington Post, roughly 97 percent of small businesses still use paper checks for some or all of their financial transactions. Implementing an easy-to-use app to manage printing operations will only improve your business’s payment processes.

Conclusion – How To Print Checks With Quickbooks Online

With both SmartPayables and Quickbooks Online bringing their tools to one efficient digital app, business owners can enjoy an easier payment and check printing process. A boosted level of high-quality security, trackable payments to vendors and employees, and the ability to receive and send checks and ACH payments are just a few of the many benefits the SmartPayables Quickbooks Online App can provide.

Save yourself the trouble of hiring an in-house team to handle your payment operations, and trust a SmartPayables expert to walk you through the process. They can provide you with counsel, constant support, and around-the-clock monitoring for all your payment processes. With the SmartPayables Quickbooks Online app, you have all the tools at your disposal.

Download our app on your phone today to begin streamlining your check printing and payment processes. For any questions or concerns or to learn about how SmartPayables can improve your business needs, contact us via our online portal, send us an email at, or call us at (720) 287-0030.

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