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SmartPayables offers check writing and check printing services for all of your business needs. Let our team cover all of the details so you don’t have to. Drive down the cost and time your team spends on check printing with our trusted, secure and reliable solutions.




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check printing and mailing services

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When it comes to your business check printing, you want to project a professional image while eliminating risk. That’s why all SmartPayables check printing is done on SafeChecks check stock, the best high-security checks in the industry. In addition, all checks are printed with magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) and MICR toner to ensure security and legitimacy with the banks.

All business checks printed by SmartPayables are printed on 8 ½ x 11 trifold sheets and include the following 16 check security features. (SafeChecks)

1. Controlled paper stock
2. Fourdrinier watermark
3. Thermochromatic ink
4. Toner anchorage
5. Explicit warning bands
6. Copy void pantograph

7. Chemical sensitivity
8. Chemical wash detection box
9. Sequenced inventory control numbers
10. Laid lines
11. Visible fibers
12. Fluorescent fibers
12. Fluorescent fibers

13. Microprinting
14. Payee area protection
15. “Do Not Negotiate” on back panel
16. Security features listed on back of check

Note, if you hold an account in a different currency, SmartPayables can print checks in that currency. We are not currently capable of converting currencies for you.


MICR Ink: Decrease or Eliminate bank rejections

Magnetic Ink Character Recognition is a character recognition system that uses special ink and characters to provide a much higher level of security and a decreased exposure to check fraud. MICR provides a secure, high-speed method of scanning and processing information in the banking network. A MICR printer uses this ink and toner to print the numbers found on both types of checks: business and personal checks.


Secure Envelopes: Protect your information

All envelopes include black security tint, which prevents sensitive information from being read through the envelope.


Positive Pay: Extra protection for your bank account

Positive Pay is an automated fraud detection tool offered by the Cash Management Department of most banks. In its simplest form, it is a service that matches the account number, check number and dollar amount of each check presented for payment against a list of checks previously authorized and issued by the company.

SmartPayables can assist you in creating the positive pay file that needs to be presented to your bank each day checks are printed and mailed. We offer file creation and even file submission depending on the needs of
your company.


Easy to Use Administration System:

Our team has developed a robust user-friendly fintech administration system for our customers to use at their convenience. The system is available on our secure URL with login credentials. We take pride in providing the highest security to our clients and obtain a SOC Security audit annually, as well as ensure we are PCI Compliant. Rest your mind, we have security on the brain 24/7.

Fast and Reliable Service

check printing services

Same Day Printing: Quick and Accurate printing

If you are able to get us your check payment information before 9:00 am MST, your checks will be printed and mailed the same business day. We also offer expedited printing options after 9:00 am MST for a minimal fee. This can save you a trip to the post office on a busy workday.

check printing any time

Overnight Check Printing

We offer overnight check printing and delivery via FedEx and UPS. No matter your volume size, our automated check printing and mailing services will ensure that your checks get to their destination as quickly as possible. Get us your check information before 9:00 AM MST and we can process your shipment the same day.

check printing services

Document Integrity: That is just smart

Every piece printed at SmartPayables receives a 2D barcode in the upper right-hand corner. This barcode is tracked from our system through the machines and into the USPS tray. We also use the 2D barcode to ensure any insert that needs to be matched with a particular check is folded and inserted into the same envelope.

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Free USPS First Class Tracking: What will we think of next?

SmartPayables sprays an IMb on all mail sent. If the mail piece is going through USPS First class, then we receive data from the USPS each time the mail piece is scanned.

When the USPS scans the piece at entry to the mail stream or in home/business delivery, we receive the data from the USPS.

check mailing

Mailing Options: So many options…

  • USPS First Class
  • USPS First Class International
  • USPS Priority (2-3 days)
  • USPS Express (1 day)
  • Certified Mail
  • FedEx (options available for 2 day or overnight)
check printing and mailing

Bundling Feature: Package your payments together in one shipment

If you have several check payments that all need to go to one location, our bundling feature will be perfect for you. You can designate a batch of payments that have different payees and payee addresses to go into 1 envelope to 1 location.

Tracking Numbers: Get your tracking numbers the same day

As soon as your special handling label is printed, the tracking number will instantly be available to you.

Inserts along with Checks

Insert Features: Send more than just a check

Don’t just send a check—deliver a direct marketing message, send invoices, statements, or business documents by including inserts with your check payments. You can send a unique insert to individual recipients, or a standard 8.5″ X 11″ insert to include with all your payments. We handle all the details, whether you want black and white or the extra impact of four-color printing.

Warehousing Services: Let us store your marketing materials

Do you already have a stock of customized direct-marketing materials such as postcards, flyers, or small booklets? Send us your inventory, and we will warehouse it for you until it’s time for us to send it out.

check mailing service

Submitting Check Info and Reporting

Easy and secure CSV upload or API submission: The choice is yours

Upload your CSV files using our Secure and encrypted file upload system through our administration system. With SmartPayables simple browse feature and confirmation page, you will see we have it right before any check payments are entered into the system. And if there is an error with 1 check, you can just edit or remove the 1 check issue and confirm the rest. There is no need to fix your file and re-upload.

We also have an API available for those clients who would like a more integrated solution with no manual uploading process. With our high level of security, you can rest assured that your banking information is not compromised.

Real time reporting and status updates: Keep tabs on your payments’ progress

SmartPayables has a comprehensive reporting feature within the secure system that gives you two options. You can run reports and upload them to your bank for closed-loop reporting. Or, if you prefer, you can upload your bank’s reports to our system and have closed-loop reporting within the SmartPayables system.

check printing and mailing

Fast and Easy Set up Process

Multiple bank accounts in sub account feature: Manage all bank accounts under 1 login

SmartPayables can support multiple bank accounts under one primary account. This accounting software allows you to manage all of your accounts or clients’ accounts within one login. You can print from each bank account by determining what bank alias you plan to send from within your file or through the API.

Dedicated Account Rep, Live Chat Support, Developers and Support Staff.

Micro Deposit verification: We do our due diligence!

2 micro deposits will be made to the bank account you wish for us to print and mail checks from. These must be verified before service can begin.


Check Templates – Customize: Get creative, we’ll make it happen

SmartPayables can also customize your check templates with personal notes, logos, marketing, or other important messaging. In addition to basic check printing, we also offer printing options for invoicing, marketing, and rebates.

Logos/Branding – Represent your company right: Represent your company right

We offer black and white logos on the check that can show through the return address envelope window. You can also place a much larger logo in other areas of the check template.

If you want to go above your competition and offer color branding on the outside of your envelope, our team can help you with this as well.