Inquiring minds want to know how SmartPayables works…so here’s a quick rundown.


How do I upload my file to the system?

Files can by uploaded as an Excel file saved as a CVS (flat file) or through our API Solution.

What are the required fields?

Depending on the services you would like to use, required fields will vary. Please contact a representative for more details.

How do you bill me?

Every Monday for the previous week. ACH debit or a check is written on your behalf.

How long does set-up take?

We average about 2–3 business days—but if you have an urgent request, we can move as fast as you need us to. The microdeposits we send to verify your bank account take about 24 hours to hit. We also have developers on call if you need help integrating your API keys.

What happens if I don’t print checks one month?

We only charge for what you print after the initial set-up fee.

Are there any processing fees or monthly minimums?

No, none at all. You only pay for what you print after the one-time set-up fee.

How do I know my bank account information will be safe?

We use SOC Type 2 Reports for our security system. SmartPayables is also PCI Compliant and HIPAA certified, and the BBB rated us A+.

What are your fees?

Our fees are based on monthly volumes. Please contact a representative for more specific pricing. SmartPayables has very competitive pricing—and we also offer a price-match guarantee.

Will your system work with my ERP?

ERP, CRM, and APIs are all plug-ins that work very well with our system. In addition, our development team can create converters for many other software programs.

What is Positive Pay? Why would I need it?

Positive Pay is a cash-management service employed to deter check fraud. Banks use it to match the checks a company issues with those it presents for payment. Any check considered to be potentially fraudulent is sent back to the issuer for examination. It normally takes about 30 days to fully set up your Positive Pay program with your bank.

Can I change how many days my checks are valid for?

90 days is our recommended default. However, we are capable of changing it to the number of days you request. Please note this is not a foolproof way to ensure that the checks will not be cashed. That is best accomplished with a stop payment through your bank.

Can I include marketing with my checks?

Yes, SmartPayables offers your choice of black-and-white or colored insert features.

Does SmartPayables print and mail documents that don't include check payments?

Yes, we offer a printing and mailing service for documents without check payments. They can be sent as individual pieces of mail or bundled together.

Why are you charging me a set-up fee? Can you waive that fee?

Our set-up fee cannot be waived, but the benefits are worth it. You have full access to our development team during your set-up process and receive technical support for the life of your relationship with us. We do a lot of work on the back end to ensure your checks are ready.

My accountant needs a report of my checks every month. Can you do that?

Yes, once you are integrated into the SmartPayables system, the reports tab allows you to run all the reports you need.

How many users can have access to my SmartPayables Account? Are there permission settings?

There is no limit. For security purposes, however, we recommend not having too many. The primary user has access to all the permission settings for each new user.

If we don’t want all of our users to have the ability to write checks, what can we do?

Not a problem! Simply use the permission settings to limit some of your users to only see the reports.

After I send my check info to you, how soon will my checks be mailed?

SmartPayables has a complimentary same-day printing and mailing service if your files are uploaded before 9:00 a.m. MST. Fees will apply for past-deadline uploads for same-day printing, with a hard cutoff time of 11:00 a.m. MST.

Can I add my logo to the check?

A colored logo can be added to return address on the envelope of your check payments, and a black-and-white logo can be added to the return address on the check itself.

I only want to do a one-time check run. Can you do that?

Yes! You will still need to go through our application process and pay the one-time setup fee. Since there are no processing fees or monthly minimums, your account can stay open at no cost until you need our services again.

Do you have some references I can contact?

Yes, we do. Please contact a representative for more details on this.

Where will be my checks be sent from?

We are located in Centennial, CO. We do not outsource, therefore all mail pieces are sent out from our headquarters at 12742 E Caley Ave #2C Centennial, CO 80111.

What kind of security do you have?

We realize how important security is to you, so there are several layers. In addition to the security aspects of the checks themselves, our system is set up as PCI compliant, and we are SOCII-SSAE 16 Type II Audit certified. (The report can be provided upon request.) Our staff members have also gone through CIPSEA training as well as HIPPA compliance training.

Can we print checks from our Canadian account? What is the process?

Yes, if you hold an account with Canadian dollars in it, we can print checks using that currency. However, we are not currently able to convert currencies for you.

Can I send in different currencies?

Yes, you can, but you must have a US bank account with that specific currency in it. We are not currently able to convert currencies for you.

We are an accounting software company with multiple clients. Can you support our clients printing checks from your system?

Yes, you can add each of your clients as sub-accounts in the SmartPayables system. They will then be able to add payments whenever they need.

Why do you have to send microdeposits?

Microdeposits are the best way to validate a customer bank account. SmartPayables uses microdeposits for various services to ensure that an individual or entity owns the bank account that they are adding to the system.

Can you do my 1099s at the end of the year? How much does it cost?

Yes, we offer this service. There is a one-time $75 processing fee and then it is $1 per recipient plus postage.

How do I know when my checks are cashed?

Our system only tracks statuses up to “Sent Out.” If you would like full real-time statuses, you will need to get a report from your bank and upload it to the SmartPayables system.

Can I send anywhere in the world?

Yes, we have many clients that send checks internationally with our services.

Can we easily generate a report that will give us check details and status reports?

Yes, with the reposting feature in the SmartPayables system.

I want images of my checks after you print them. Can you do that?

We are unable to do that unless it is a legal requirement. Please contact a representative for assistance.

How long does it take my payee to receive a check?

All of our mail goes through the US Postal Service, which generally delivers first-class mail within 3–5 business days. If needed, we offer a variety of mailing options with faster delivery times.

Do you charge extra for information printed on the check stub?

Our basic template provides space for 300 characters on the check stub and 25 characters on the actual check. For a small fee, you can customize your check templates to look however you would like.

I use QuickBooks. Can you use those files?

Yes, we can. Our development team has created a file converter for our clients’ accounting software, which just takes one simple additional step.

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