Our printing and mailing services are here to make tax
season easier than ever.

Make Tax Season Less Taxing

SmartPayables offers a range of printing and mailing services that are sure to make filing taxes for your business a seamless process. Improve the efficiency of your logistical processes by having us print your 1099s for you. Reliable support services and high-security mailing practices- that’s what you’ll get when you partner with us.

outsourcing your 1099s

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When printing, mailing, and tax tasks are a headache, put our brains to work for you.

In addition to our check printing and mailing services, the SmartPayables team is here to help businesses like yours manage a range of back-office needs. From statement and document printing solutions to warehousing, address cleansing, and check printing API integrations, our services are designed to help you succeed. Outsourcing your 1099s in time for tax season allows you to focus on where your business is going next instead of getting caught up in the day-to-day minutia.

how to print your 1099s

Let us handle all the details.

As a business owner, executive officer, or accounting professional, you’re probably all too familiar with the hassles of tax season. Outsource your 1099s to SmartPayables, and we’ll handle all the small details. We can also electronically file company taxes on your behalf.

All you need to do to get started is upload a CSV file of your tax recipient information, and SmartPayables will take care of the rest.

  • One copy of the 1099 will be filed electronically to the government on your behalf, and the other will be sent to the recipient via USPS First Class mail.
  • There are no minimums or maximums for this service. Learn more about how our pricing and onboarding works here.
  • After 1099s are mailed and filed, SmartPayables will provide copies in our secure client portal for download.

Advanced security features keep critical information safe.

SmartPayables services include a range of security features and certifications, ensuring that all your tax season information remains safe. With our range of secure mailing options, critical tax documents spend less time in the mail, which means there’s less chance of an issue. We maintain SOC 1 Type 2 and SOC 2 Type 2 standards and annual certifications. We also offer PCI compliance, HIPAA certifications, and reliable disaster recovery plans.

Quickbooks Integration

If your business uses Quickbooks, SmartPayables can help your employees get their tax documents completed on time, ensuring your company remains in full compliance. Custom API integrations allow you to keep the comforts of your current business management platforms while still connecting with our system.

For more information about Quickbooks integration, check out our SmartPayables QuickBooks app.


Check payments and documents can get complicated. Simplify it with our SmartPayables platform.