When printing, mailing and tax tasks are a business headache, put our brains to work for you.

In addition to check printing, SmartPayables specializes in helping businesses like yours and manage back-office needs. From statement and document printing and mailing, warehousing, and address cleansing to outsourcing 1099s  at tax time.

Let us handle all the details

We all know the challenges of tax time. Outsource your 1099s to SmartPayables to handle all the details—printing, mailing, and filing your 1099s on your behalf. All you need to do is upload your file of payers, recipients, and form information, and SmartPayables will take care of the rest.

  • One copy of the 1099  documents will be filed electronically to the government on your behalf, and the other will be sent to the recipients via mail.
  • There are no minimums or maximums for this service.
  • Deadline to contact SmartPayables for 1099 filing service: For the 2021 tax year, all forms must be filed by January 31, 2023. SmartPayables will still assist you after the deadline, but please note the IRS may charge additional fees.

1099 printing & filing service

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