Statement Printing, Stuffing & Mailing Services

Our website’s user-friendly documents feature gives you plenty of creative leeway for your mailing campaigns. This feature allows you to send out patient statements, bank statements, marketing pieces, company announcements, invoices, etc.—individually or bundled. Note: All documents and statements printed in-house are on 8.5″x11″ sheets of copy paper. No job is too big or small – our team is here to help you with your printing and mailing projects.

Invoices, Statements, & Patient Statements

Explore how thoughtful SP can be in handling your statements or invoices. With SP, sending critical documents is fast, easy and protected. Our team fully trained and certified with HIPAA, so you can rest assured that your patient statements are handled in a secure location.

Alternate paper options are available, such as colored or heavier stock. We also have Pre-perforated paper options to accommodate easy tear-out payment coupons for remittances.

Include a Return Envelope for your customer

Include return envelopes in with your statements or invoices to ensure a faster return on your payment. And if you are looking to make it even easier on your recipient to return payment or information, we can help you include first-class postage on the return envelope.

Marketing Campaigns

With the saturation of digital marketing, a more personalized mailing piece may be just what your company needs! Stay connected and establish strong relationships with your customers by sending personalized mail pieces.

Whether you have a team to help create your program or need our help at SP, we can get your campaign into the right hands. Our bright team can help you make sure your piece stands out with design, paper choice, and envelope graphics. You decide what you want printed, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Warehousing Services: Our space is your space

If you have a stockpile of custom direct-marketing pieces that are already printed—such as postcards, flyers, or small booklets—send us your inventory, and we will warehouse it for you until it’s time for us to mail it out.

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