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SmartPayables offers a full range of accounts payable payment solutions for businesses of all sizes. We accomplish your financial goals by providing secure, innovative technology through our user-friendly fintech system. This enables our clients to efficiently outsource their check payments, document printing and mailing, ACH/wire file generation, and direct-mail campaigns. With a platform that is fully HIPPA, SOC2, and ISO compliant, we can meet the needs of all businesses and large organizations.

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THE SmartPayables JOURNEY

Every journey begins with a single step. At SmartPayables, we’re proud to take a look back at all the steps we’ve taken to get where we are today by becoming one of the leading check payment solution firms in the country.

Take a look at the SmartPayables journey:


Back when it all began. SmartPayables was founded in 2005 with a goal of creating personalized and efficient check payment and document mailing solutions for our clients.


With our newly designed Client Portal, we updated our user interface to make it easier for our clients to access and upload payments. We strive to create the best user experience possible for our clients.


Four years in, we revealed our updated client user interface, better enabling our clients to utilize our full range of financial services and tools.


Always looking to evolve, 2010 saw the launch of our API integration feature and the creation of our sandbox test environment.


To make our platform even more user-friendly, we revamped our dual-approval user design.


In this year, we began offering white labeling services to provide our clients with even more top products.


To provide our clients with more flexibility and options, we added a sub-accounts feature so clients could have more than one bank account when working with our system.


Incorporating one of the most powerful fraud prevention tools, 2016 saw the roll out of our advanced Positive Pay integration.


To offer even more services for our clients, we introduced address cleansing and our documents feature.


2018 saw a complete SmartPayables rebrand. We introduced a brand new client interface featuring a range of new capabilities, including multi-factor authentication and a client portal for live chat support. We also introduced ACH/Wire payment integration, comprehensive document integrity processes, an email notification system, and USPS First-Class IMb tracking so clients can effortlessly keep track of their payments. Additionally, our first SOC 2 Type I was conducted.


To better serve our clients, we introduced “how-to” video tutorials and enhanced our IP restriction capabilities for our API security. We also introduced our remittance overflow pages.


This was a big year for SmartPayables as we relocated to a larger office to accommodate the growth of our business. Additionally, we also added the SOC 2 Type II audit and address validation service in our real-time API.


One of our latest advancements, our clients can now utilize check image solutions with our platform.


How long we have successfully been in business with ZERO security breaches.











What Can SmartPayables Do For Your Business?

We offer a range of financial services to optimize your processes and maximize your business success.

Take a look at what our check payment solutions experts can do for you:


Check Printing and Mailing Services

We offer safe and reliable check printing with the latest check security features. With overnight check printing, check printing and processing has never been faster. Customize your blank check stock to add a personal and creative touch to your checks.


ACH/Direct Deposit Automation

Electronic ACH/direct deposit makes your company faster and more efficient. We can help you automate this process and even save you time and money by scrubbing ACH payments for bad routing numbers.


Statement and Document Printing and Mailing

We’re here to help with all your printing and mailing projects. Use our advanced software for bank statements, patient statements, marketing campaigns, company invoices, and more.


Address Cleansing

Optimize your mailing services with our address cleansing that automatically corrects mailing information and data.


1099s and W-2s

Tax season can be a headache. Let us file your 1099s,W-2s, and other important tax documents so you’ll never worry about tax deadlines again.


Check Printing Software

We utilize the latest in cloud-based check software that automates your check printing and processing needs.


Christine Lloyd President

Christine built SmartPayables from the group up. She brought on Smart Payable’s very first client and has continued to assist with the company’s exponential growth year after year. Now with over 17 years of experience in the FinTech industry, Christine oversees the creation and development of all aspects of the Client Portal and API functions. She also focuses on client acquisition, partnerships, and business development. She’s also a proud southpaw.


Rich Lloyd CEO

Rich is a man of many talents. While starting his own IT company in 2001, his path eventually led him into the FinTech industry where he has worked since 2005. At SmartPayables, Rich focuses on business development and oversight. He’s also proud to have been named Colorado Soccer Association Coach of the Year.

Cara Swim Director of Operations

A Colorado native, Cara brings ample experience establishing production processes, redundancies, and QA policies to SmartPayables. With extensive experience in software implementation and project management, Cara leads the production team at SmartPayables. A quote that continually guides Cara is from Professor Frances Frei from Harvard Business School: “leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence.”

cara swim smart payables

Kayla Whitney Director of Project Management

A self-professed military brat, Kayla spent her formative years traveling around before settling in Colorado. An experienced project manager with a keen eye for detail, Kayla ensures that internal operations and technical projects are successfully completed on time. She also contributes with team leadership and integration with a focus on team development. Not only is she obsessed with ensuring client satisfaction, but she’s also the sneakerhead of the office.


No matter your industry or the size of your company, you’ll quickly see the benefits of outsourced check payment services. Fast, reliable, and professional, our expert accountants use the latest in check writer software, online check printing, and other advanced tools to get the job done right. If you have business check printing needs, you’ve come to the right place.

Check payments and documents can get complicated. Simplify your financial processes with our SmartPayables platform.

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