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One-Time Only

$200 - $1000 One Time Fee

  • Quick & Easy Integration
  • Setup as Little as 2 Business Days
  • Customized to Your Goals & Needs

Custom Options & Branding:

  • Customized .CSV File Upload
  • API Integration with Development and Continuous Support
  • Customized Check Templates
  • Branded Documents & Statements

Setup Package Includes:

  • Account Setup and Activation
  • Testing and Support
  • Micro Deposit Verification
  • Assignment of Dedicated Account Representative
  • Development Team Integration & Resources
  • Client Beneficiary Service & Support


Outsource Your Check Printing & Mailing

$0.15 - $0.50 per check + postage

  • Outsource and Automate Your Check Printing
  • Includes Check Mailing, Printing & Stuffing
  • Discounts Increase With Check Volume

All Checks Include

  • 16 Check Security Features
  • Premium Security Envelopes w/Black Tint
  • 8 ½ x 11 High Quality Sheet Check Stock
  • MICR Check Printing for Legitimacy w/Banks

Customized Options:

  • Customized Check Styles & Check Templates
  • Customized Check Insert Features
  • Let your Clients Know It’s You
  • Add a custom logo to your envelopes or checks

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Automated Payments + Deposits

Smart Payables offers 2 solutions to assist our clients with their ACH/Direct Deposits

1. NACHA File Generation

  • Partially Automated ACH & Direct Deposit Solution
  • Managed File Generation
  • Client uploads file(s) to the bank themselves

2. NACHA File Automation

  • Fully Automated ACH / Direct Deposit Solution
  • Managed File Generation and Submission
  • End-to-End Service - No Ongoing Input Needed
  • After file is created, our system sends the file directly to the bank

All packages include unlimited file uploads.

Starting at just $75 / month.

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Document Printing & Mailing Services

End-to-End Printing and Stuffing Solutions

  • Single Sided or Duplex - $0.08 - $0.20
  • Black & White or Color - $0.25 - $0.45

Color Prints starting at $0.30 per sheet

Discounts increase with volume.

Call today for tailored pricing.

Black & White prints starting at $0.15 per sheet

Perfect For:

  • Direct Mailers & Marketing Campaigns.
  • HIPPA Compliant Patient Statement Mailing
  • Invoices, Notices and other Sensitive Documents.
  • IRA, Loan & Trust Statements
  • Tax Statements

Learn why companies around the world are trusting Smart Payables for their automated document printing and mailing solutions.

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  • Starting at $1.00 per recipient.
  • No minimums or maximums
  • For 1099’s or W2’s
  • Let us print, mail and file on your behalf.

We will automatically contact you when it is time to start processing 1099's.



*USPS Envelopes and Boxes are for US Recipients only*

US First Class

US Flat First Class

International First Class

International Flat First Class

Certified Mail

  • US First Call Mail Tracking

USPS Priority Envelope (2-3 Day)

USPS Express Envelope (Overnight)


Bundling Option

  • Check + USPS Envelope/Box

FedEx Options