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Address Cleansing Made Easy

SmartPayables offers premium address cleansing services that add value to your business by securing your company’s information as it’s sent through the mail. We check all payee addresses and contact information automatically with the assistance of the CASS program and USPS database to ensure critical documents reach their destination with reliable efficiency. When you sign up for our address cleansing service, you’ll never have to worry about personal or company information getting lost in the mail again.

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How it Works

When you submit a new check mailing request through the Smart Payables client portal or using our custom check printing API solutions, we’ll run every new location and name through our advanced address cleansing software. Signing up for this service doesn’t change the process of uploading your payment and document information. You can also submit address lists with a CSV file.

If we find a verified address for your business transaction, we’ll correct the address without you having to lift a finger. If any of the addresses are not found in the USPS database, they will be placed in the repair queue tab for review. For each of the unverified addresses, you can choose to “send as is”, “correct and send”, or halt the mailing process altogether.

address cleansing software
address cleansing

Benefits of Address Cleansing

Address cleansing carries many benefits for businesses both large and small. Whether you’re printing checks, mailing documents, or sending essential tax documents, our reliable customer support and experienced team of developers has you covered.

Reduced Returned Mail

Better Communication with recipients

Reduced mailing costs

Increased delivery time

Elimination of time/effort spent on updating data

Scalable Services and Packages

Whether you’re looking for basic address cleansing for your business or you’re adding on this offering to our other services, SmartPayables offers scalable packages that suit the needs of your business. Find out more about our transparent onboarding and pricing processes here.


Basic Package

Corrections will be made to all addresses needed.


Premium Package

Corrections will be made to all addresses needed.

Reports will be available after.


Platinum Package

Corrections will be made to all addresses needed.

Corrections for recipients who have moved will be made.

Reports for corrections and moved address will be available after.

Why Choose SmartPayables?

At SmartPayables, our goal is to make the process of printing and sending checks and documents as straightforward as possible for your business. Get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your company’s and your payee’s data is secure. Never lose another piece of mail or deal with an incomplete delivery again.

To learn more about our address cleansing services, call (720) 287-0030 and speak with one of our representatives.