Address Cleansing

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Address Cleansing Made Easy by SmartPayables

With important or sensitive mail, automated correction of missing or incorrect data can give you peace of mind. When you sign up for our address cleansing services, the process of uploading your payment and document information doesn’t change a bit. We’ll scrub all addresses and names against the OFAC list and run it through the CASS address cleansing software. If any addresses are not found in the USPS database, they will be placed in the repair queue (within our secure system) for you to choose either “send as is” or “correct and send.”

Address cleansing is an added value to our checks, statements, and documents, or you can choose just to cleanse your address lists. We offer three mailing list cleansing options:

Basic Package

  • Corrections will be made to all addresses needed.

Premium Package

  • Corrections will be made to all addresses needed.
  • Reports will be available after.

Platinum Package

  • Corrections will be made to all addresses needed.
  • Corrections for recipients who have moved will be made.
  • Reports for corrections and moved address will be available after.

SmartPayables makes it easy. We handle the entire process for you. Stay up to date and retain peace of mind. Ensure you never lose another piece of mail or an important delivery after an address change.

To learn more about our address cleansing services, call (720) 287-0030 and speak to a representative.

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