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Online Check Printing Requests, Simplified.

For reliable, accurate, and straightforward check printing and mailing requests, SmartPayables offers clients the option of submitting formatted CSV files through our check printing portal. You can configure CSV files using Excel or a similar program. If you’re looking for statement or document mailing services, you can also send requests with this file format.

csv formatting resources

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CSV file printing and mailing order

How to Print Business Checks & Submit Document Mailing Requests

To initiate a printing and mailing order with a CSV file, you’ll need basic payee and account information for check printing and mailing orders, including addresses, reference numbers, and a payee email address for notifications. Simply file out the CSV files using the formats below and send them our way. Print business checks with professional branding, mail with reliable overnight or two-day handling, and keep your payment information secure.

Our development team is always ready to assist if you have any questions. Contact us today.

payment formats in csv files

Payment Formats in CSV Files

For ACH payments, standard business check printing, and statement or document mailing orders, format your CSV file using the relevant guidelines below. You can also add inserts and make corrections to recently submitted requests. Not seeing the formatting you’re looking for here?
Don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance by calling (833) CO-SMART.

check printing API

Check Printing API vs. CSV File Submissions

To fully automate your check printing online, you may want to consider integrating your payment systems with ours using our custom check printing API solutions. While CSV files are simple and easy to work with, our check printing API improves the entire ordering process's efficiency, accuracy, and security. Our on-call development team is always available to assist your accounts payable department with setting up these connections.

The Smart Payables API allows you to automate all aspects of sending payments, statements, tax information, and other documents through the mail. Webhooks and online notifications let you know when a payment arrives or when there’s an error with the payee’s information that requires your attention. Once the API is set up, you’ll find that bundling payments, sending bulk dispatches, and setting up recurring checks is easier than ever.
Streamline your accounts payable and never write a check manually again. Learn more about what the Smart Payables check printing API can do for you.
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