The Benefits of High-Security Business Checks

Though financial transactions are increasingly becoming electronic, the use of physical checks, particularly in business settings, remains prevalent. However, this traditional form of payment carries inherent risks, primarily fraud and unauthorized use. In fact, in a survey conducted by the Association For Financial Professionals (AFP), 63% of respondents said their…

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why do americans still write checks

Why Do Americans Rely on Checks Instead of Bank Transfers?

In an era where digital transactions are becoming the norm worldwide, the United States stands out for its continued reliance on paper checks. This might seem peculiar, especially considering America’s role as a global leader in technological innovation. So, why do Americans still cling to checks, and what factors contribute…

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Why Checks Remain Relevant in Business

As the modern world evolves, longstanding traditions and methods of business aren’t necessarily phasing out; only changing shape. Blockbuster turns into Netflix, taxis turn into Uber and Lyft, and countless other examples. Checks are no different. Just because digital checks dominate in 2023 doesn’t mean paper checks have faded into…

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Why Outsourcing Check Services Helps Prevent Fraud

No matter the type of business or enterprise you control, ensuring a solid security system for your payment processing methods is essential. With all the moving parts of a corporation, you don’t have time to worry about potential threats to your payments or infrastructure. If your money isn’t secure, then…

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In-House versus Outsourced Payment Processing: Which is Right for Your Business?

Whether you run an eCommerce business or any other type of enterprise, establishing a well-supported payment processing system is absolutely essential. Payment processing is one of the key components of running a business and will help assure that all funds can be easily tracked and directed as necessary. As you…

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why outsource accounting services

Why Would I Outsource My Accounting Services?

No matter the size or industry of your business, effective accounting services are essential for long-term success. However, while accounting services, such as payroll and bookkeeping, might be essential, this doesn’t mean that they’re always easy. Accounting is an intensive and detail-oriented field that not every business or employee may…

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