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Tired of spending endless hours organizing and mailing checks to vendors, contractors, and employees? Our cloud-based check software automates this entire process for you.

Key Features and Benefits

SmartPayables check printing software programs provide a user-friendly, seamless experience with easy 24/7 access. Manage users, bank accounts, payments, and reports from one online portal. Reduce your stress and improve your online payment processing with our powerful business check printing software solution.

User Management

Add, remove or edit users with the click of a button. Assign permission rights to certain users (members of your team) in the system. Permission types include bank and checking accounts, documents, payments, reports, and users.

Bank Account Integration

Sync your bank account and approve check proofs prior to sending them to your vendors. Easily add multiple sub-accounts, and upload multiple bank accounts at once or individually.

Comprehensive Reports

Run reports on all payment types, from the same account where you order business checks online. These include expired, canceled, pending release, posted, processing, reissued, returned, and sent payments. You can also export the report to review and keep on file or to review with your team.

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Smart Integrations Make Life Easy

Eliminate + Prevent Duplicates

Take the pain out of duplication. If the SmartPayables system recognizes any duplicate payments after they are uploaded, you will automatically be notified by email and the payments will be flagged. You can access flagged payments in the “repair queue” or “notifications” tab and approve one to be sent out.

Send Rush Payments

As a busy business owner or large organization, sometimes documents need to be sent out last minute. Our business check printing solutions have you covered. Have peace of mind knowing you have same-day mailing options and don’t worry about writing checks and mailing them. If your file is uploaded before 9 AM MST, the payments will be printed and mailed on the same day with no additional fees. If you miss the cut off time, don’t worry - you still have until 11 AM MST to request same day printing. A minimal fee will be added.

Manage Payment Bundles

Do you need to bundle your entire file of payments to one central location? The SmartPayables self-service portal simplifies this process for you. In the “upload payment file” section of your portal, upload your CSV file and press upload. Before “confirming” you will have the option to bundle your payments. Then you’re good to go.

Track + Ship via First Class Mail

We make online payment tracking simple. To track payments, go to the “payments” tab in the main menu, you can access all tracking information. We integrate all tracking data from the USPS postal service to ensure you know the status of your mail. The three status variations include, “entered mail stream, estimated delivery date, and marked for return.” On average, 10% of USPS first class mail does not get scanned. This is one of the reasons why we offer this feature for free.

Fully-Automated Check Printing
Software Features

Send Future / Post Dated Checks

Send Future / Post Dated Checks

The “future dated checks” feature allows you to plan out when checks will be sent out. To enable this feature in your account, you will need to add a column to your CSV files that reads, “Date To Send” (i.e. 3/22/19). This indicates that you want to add this payment to the SmartPayables system. But your payment won’t be sent out until the date indicated.

Monitor Document Statuses

Monitor Document Statuses

If you want to receive email notifications about the status of your documents and checks, you have the option to in your client portal under the “bank accounts” tab.

Address Cleansing

SmartPayables offers so much more than check writing and printing software. When you submit a check payment to us, we will run the addresses through USPS’ address cleansing database. You will be notified if an address in your payment file does not match the USPS database address. These payments will be moved into the repair queue for your review and are automatically fixed by our experts.

We offer three different address cleansing packages:

Basic plan


Corrections will be made to all addresses needed.

platinum plan


Corrections will be made to all addresses needed and reports will be made available after.

premium plan


Corrections will be made to all addresses needed, corrections for recipients who have moved will be made, and reports will be made available after.

Keep Track of Every Detail


Task Reminders & “To-Dos”

On the left side of your dashboard, you will see a list of tasks and how many of each item you need to complete. For example, these tasks may include: payment repair queue, payment approval queue, payment export files, and returned bank account.

Managing Notifications & Quick Actions

Managing Notifications & Quick Actions

You can access recent notifications in your portal up to 24 hours after they are made available. “Quick actions” allow you to add payments and create checks, upload payment titles, add documents, or upload document batches quickly from your dashboard.

Billing & Processing System

Billing & Processing System

You will be billed every Monday from the previous week. Once your invoice is ready, you will be notified via email. On your personal dashboard, you can access these documents through the “billing tab” in the main menu.

Check Writing and Printing Software That Supports Your Business

Check Writing and Printing Software That Supports Your Business

Outsourced check printing and document mailing software from SmartPayables make business payment processing more efficient than ever. With our software solutions and support team at your side, you’ll have the tools necessary for optimizing your spending and cash flow, saving your business time and money. Learn why SmartPayables is one of the best checking printing companies for your business by contacting us today.

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