Check Printing API

Automate Your Check Printing and Document Mailing With Custom API Integrations

Submit bulk check printing and mailing requests and automate vendor payments with ease. Connect your back-office systems and enterprise payment processing platforms with our customizable check printing API to boost accounts payable employee efficiency. Setup and initial integration are simple, with our development team on hand to assist you throughout the entire process. You won’t have to switch platforms or send check payments manually again, saving your business considerable time
and money.

The SmartPayables API is the easiest way to make check printing and mailing reliable for companies of any size. If you’re looking to upgrade the efficiency of your payments, contact our team today.

Check Printing API Key Benefits

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Key Benefits of the SmartPayables API

Automation Made Easy

Automation Made Easy

Following integration between your existing payment platform and ours, automating your payments to vendors, employees, and other payees is a straightforward process. High-volume printing and mailing requests are never an issue. Whether you need to send a single batch of checks or have a list of a thousand payees, API integration standardizes and simplifies every payment.

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

The SmartPayables API enables businesses to connect their entire back office with our system to make sending check payments and tracking shipments a seamless experience. Automating at-scale payments to vendors and other payees saves your organization considerable time and resources. The link between your digital payment systems and our check printing services ensures that your checks reach the payee faster than ever. You’ll never have to worry about tracking payments in the mail again.

Dependable Security Parameters

Dependable Security Parameters

SmartPayables’ check printing and mailing services come with the assurance of our flawless security record. In the 17 years that we’ve been in business, we’ve had zero security breaches. IP access control features support your corporate privacy. From account integration with the API to the finer details on the physical check stock, we guarantee reliable end-to-end payment security.

Full Development Staff

Full Development Staff

When you choose SmartPayables as your checking printing and mailing partner, you get the support of our entire team of experienced developers throughout the API development and integration process. If your existing platforms or systems require a customized API solution, we’ll be happy to help. Most interactions with the API utilize HTTPS POST requests and return either XML or JSON responses.



SmartPayables API offers webhook solutions for notifying you when a certain event or order is completed. Webhooks are largely structured around your existing item ordering, shipping, or payment processing platforms, which means there’s plenty of room for customization. Data relays for SmartPayables services can notify you of the successful completion of your printing and mailing order. We can also notify you if there’s an issue with an order through your existing systems.

Reliable Sandbox Testing

Reliable Sandbox Testing

Before you send any payments or file printing requests, you’ll have the opportunity to test your API and its connection with your bank accounts and printing requirements. SmartPayables offers customers a sandbox environment for testing the API code and the automation potential it offers before initiating a new payment or completing live integration. You can also simulate the check printing process, to ensure everything’s working from end to end before you get started.

Icon_Accessible Support

Accessible Support

SmartPayables provides support from experienced, in-house professionals who can help you achieve all of your check printing and mailing functions. Have questions about your API or the integration process? Our team is happy to help. For new customers, email us at or call 833-CO-SMART to begin your company's integration with the SmartPayables system and improve the efficiency of your company's payments.

Improving the Payment Efficiency of Your Business

Authentication With the SmartPayables API

The SmartPayables API enables you and your organization to connect bank accounts, document mailing, and statement printing tasks directly with our system. To get started, you'll need to authenticate your accounts with both a client ID and an API key.

You'll find both of these values within your personalized, easy-to-access client portal. To learn more about the authentication process with the SmartPayables API, review our API documentation page.


Integration With Your Enterprise Solutions

If you’re using a platform like SAP or Salesforce, the SmartPayables check printing and mailing API makes linking up your system with ours an effortless experience. We have experience in working with companies operating at a startup level all the way up to a Fortune-500 scale.

With SmartPayables, there’s no need to modify your current operations
to access dynamic, reliable outsourced check printing and mailing services.

Save Time and Money With SmartPayables

Automate payments to vendors, send bulk check printing requests, and integrate your existing payment systems without the hassle of switching platforms. Our API testing options, simple authentication parameters, and on-call developer support allow your business’s check printing and mailing functions to operate with outstanding efficiency.


Get Payments Out of Your Head and Into Our Hands.